Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: June 2022

By booking with Jayne’s Country Cruisers, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Any queries regarding the terms and conditions must be raised prior to you booking.

COVID-19 Safe

Should you or any person be unwell, please stay home!

In safely moving forward, it is our Duty of Care – to protect You, Our Team & Our Community in helping to stop the spread of Covid -19.
All of Jayne’s Country Cruise Tours & Group Transfers are specifically for private group bookings. This allows your group the benefit of enjoying each other’s company in a more relaxed & safer environment, ensuring your memories are shared amongst your friends, family or colleagues whilst aboard our bus.
As we are a Private Group Operator - The Bus is Exclusive to you & your group only!

Jayne’s Country Cruisers are a registered COVID-19 safe business with a regularly updated Covid Safe Plan, ensuring Health Guidelines, Legislations & Industry relevant standards are continually adhered too.
Hand sanitizer and Masks are readily available for use, within the bus.

Booking Requirements (Inc Deposit & Payment)

We Do Prefer Full Payment at The Time of Your Booking.
We operate on a first to book basis!
To secure your booking – Full Payment must be made at the time, to guarantee your booking. We do Not hold dates for our services without payment, due to high demand.
Where Full payment cannot be made - a 50% Deposit arrangement will be considered at the discretion of management.
For Jayne’s Country Cruisers to confirm your booking, all requested details must be provided. Failure to provide required details will result in your booking being unconfirmed and therefore null and void.

Cancellation Policy

In the Event of Lockdown Restrictions Impacting your Booking Date - You Will Be Offered to Postpone/Reschedule your Booking to a Future Date - Allowing up to 12 Months from the date of your original booking to reschedule.

We understand that sometimes things happen, and you may have to postpone or cancel your trip. If postponing and payment has already been made, we are happy to provide you with a Credit to use within 12 months. Or, in the sad event that You or Participants (within your group) must cancel, the following will apply:

  • 1

    Cancellation with 5 days or more of your booking date = 50% Refund

  • 2

    Cancellation within 5 days or less of your booking date = NIL REFUND

Tasting Fees

Please note that most Cellar Doors/Wineries in the Mudgee region charge a minimal tasting fee. These Fees normally range between $0 -$20/person. In most cases (but not all), the tasting fee is redeemable upon purchase of wines. These fees are NOT included in your wine tour price and must be paid to the cellar door directly on the day or whereby some locations require upfront payment of tasting fees, these fees will then be invoiced to you as a separate & additional cost.
We do not benefit from Tasting Fees - we act only as the Third Party (on your behalf) upon us booking & scheduling your tour.

Lunch (Applicable to Full & Part Day Tasting Tours Only)

Please note the cost of your lunch is NOT included in the tour price. All food and beverages consumed or purchased during the lunch period are done so at your expense.

Tour Schedules, Late Arrival at Designated Pick Up Location & Overtime Tour Fees

Should your group be late to the designated pick-up location or late to board the tour bus, your booked tasting may be cancelled with any paid tasting fees forfeited by the Cellar Door/Winery or Distillery.
The Mudgee region is often home to many visitors and with that comes the need for your tour to maintain the proposed tour schedule and meet the booking requirements of the Cellar Doors participating in your tour.
To avoid rejection at participating Cellar Doors & Distilleries it is your responsibility to follow the tour schedule outlined by your guide, to meet the specific arrival and departure times booked on your behalf.
Late arrival at Cellar Doors is often unpermitted owing to prior bookings and scheduled tasting sessions in place with other patrons.
Should your tour run overtime owing to your groups inability to keep to the schedule, an overtime fee of $25 per 15 minutes or part thereof will occur.

Our Tours

All tour itinerariesare designed and implemented by Jayne’s Country Cruisers.
Where specific Wines and/or Wineries are requested, you must advise at the time of your booking or with sufficient notice prior to the tour date, so that relevant Cellar Door bookings can be sourced.
We will do our best to accommodate specific needs, however in the event of desired Cellar Doors being booked out or unavailable we will work with you to find suitable replacements.

Tour Group Size

Jayne’s Country Cruisers caters for groups of 4 - 10 persons.
For your comfort when requesting specific Cellar Doors, please consider that some Cellar Doors are small and boutique by nature and do not cater for large groups.

Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

Pick you up and drop you off to your accommodation or venue within a 10 km radius of the Mudgee CBD is included in your tour price. Should you be located outside of the 10km radius, Additional Fees Will Apply & Pick Up Times may vary accordingly.

Group Transfers

Yes, we also do small group transfers for dinners and other special events or
If you would prefer to organise & schedule your own day, we can provide a Bus & Driver service - with the provision-
*All privately booked Schedules, Itineraries & Requirements are well communicated to us & presented within a reasonable timeframe.
All enquiries are to be directed to Jayne at Jayne’s Country Cruisers.
Competitive prices will be set in accordance with your specific needs.

No Smoking/Vaping Policy

Jayne’s Country Cruisers has a strict NO SMOKING Policy within the vehicle at ANY time. This also includes Vaping
We request that all smokers & people choosing to vape, always maintain a respectful distance from the vehicle and your tour guide.
Designated Smoking Areas are to be utilised by all visitors, whilst on their premises.

Alcohol, Drug & Behaviour Policy

Please note: Under NO circumstances is alcohol is to be consumed inside the vehicle at any time during your tour.

Further, all Cellar Doors and venues within the Mudgee region adhere strictly to the responsible service of alcohol laws, and therefore venues have the right to refuse service and/or entry to any person/s displaying signs of being intoxicated.

At Jayne’s Country Cruisers, we have a zero-tolerance policy on unacceptable behaviour. Therefore, should any group member become overly intoxicated, unwell (owing to alcohol consumption), difficult or abusive, or behave in an inappropriate manner OR any form of Sexual Harassment, towards the tour or venue operators all group members will be asked to leave the bus and the tour will be terminated immediately. No refund will be issued.
Any person/s suspected to be drug affected or found to possess illegal drugs will be passed over to the appropriate authorities and the tour will terminate immediately with no refund issued.

Photos/Social Media & Marketing

During your tour, we are incredibly happy to take appropriate photos of you and your group to create mementos of your tour and great time with us, in the beautiful Mudgee region.
We may also request for your permission to use appropriate images of you or your group for advertising or promotional purposes including social media for Jayne’s Country Cruisers only.

Seatbelt Laws

It is the responsibility of all persons within the vehicle to adhere to the relevant NSW Road Safety & Transport legislation for seatbelt wearing. Authorities do not care why you think seatbelt laws do not apply to you within our minibus & failure to adhere to these laws may result in a $300 per person fine. Please note: Incurring fines are payable by the individual, not by Jayne’s Country Cruisers. Canines & our furry friends must also be fully harnessed onboard. Dogs are to be on a leash at all times & are the sole responsibility of you, (the parent/owner) Dog Restraints & Leads are to be supplied by You!

Children & Minors

Wine Tours are designed for Adults aged 18+
However, if prior arrangements have been made and approved by Jayne’s Country Cruisers, children aged 12+ may accompany their parent/guardian on a tour.
Children aged 12+ will be charged the same full rate as any participating adults and will remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian throughout the duration of the tour.

Hens & Bucks Parties

Hens and Bucks groups will be considered upon application and (like all groups), must fully adhere & respect the Terms & Conditions outlined herewith. Some Wineries/Cellar Doors no longer accept Hens party groups; therefore choice of locations may be limited.
Please note any inappropriate attire or paraphernalia deemed to be offensive will mean that the tour may not go ahead.


All personal information supplied for booking and payment purposes, will be used for administration purposes only. Jayne’s Country Cruisers will not share this information with any other Third Party.

Currency & GST

All prices quoted and payable are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Insurance & Responsibility

Jayne’s Country Cruisers is fully insured in accordance with all insurance and compliance required by the NSW State Government. We are also an Authorised Booking Service Provider and comply with the conditions & standards of the Point-to-Point Transport Act 2016.

Please note that all tours & transportation services are taken on the understanding that each individual passenger is responsible for their own safety and wellbeing. This also extends to individual’s possessions which are the sole responsibility of each tour attendee throughout the duration of the tour.
Whilst we commit to provide a Duty of Care to all persons within our daily business dealings (where reasonably practicable) It is also the responsibility of each individual to consider their own health, physical ability, allergies and dietary requirements prior to booking.

Jayne’s Country Cruisers will NOT be held responsible for any damage caused to people or personal belongings whilst on your tour. NO liability will be accepted resulting in or from harm, illness, loss, injury, or death.
*Any specific health issues and allergies should be disclosed at the time of booking.

Vehicle Damage & Cleaning

Individuals are responsible for any damage inflicted on our vehicle and all costs associated with repair, cleaning or restoration must be paid within 7 days of the tour date. Where an individual does not pay for damages occurred within the said timeframe, the person responsible for the initial tour group booking will be held accountable for the full cost of any damage occurred.
If excess cleaning is required as a direct result of your group an on-the-spot fee of $80 will be applied. This includes vomit, food & liquid spills.


In addition to plenty of smiles, happiness and bright local news, information, and titbits, Jayne’s Country Cruisers will also supply FREE water and snacks with access to sunscreen and aero guard (during warmer months).

Additional information

Jayne’s Country Cruisers tours operate all year round and are not usually affected by weather conditions, however, in the event of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, Jayne’s Country Cruisers reserve the right to alter any part of the itinerary without notice.
Should weather conditions be deemed too dangerous the tour may be cancelled for safety reasons and a refund (or part refund) will be offered.
Jayne’s Country Cruisers reserve the right to use alternative vehicles and drivers where and when required without notice.

All enquiries to:

Escape To The Beautiful Mudgee Region